Biennial Meetings

International Conferences on Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection (ICIAR) are held every two years. The Society’s next conference will convene in

Porto-Portugal, 2020.




Program Chair: Francisco Machado, PhD

President, ISIPAR

Congress Venue: Instituto Universitário da Maia, Porto (ISMAI), Maia, Portugal





Previous Conferences

7th ICIAR, 2018 Athens, Greece
6th ICIAR, 2016 Madrid, Spain
5th ICIAR, 2014 Chisinau, Moldova
4th ICIAR, 2013 Chandigarh, India
3rd ICIAR, 2010 Padova, Italy
2nd ICIAR, 2008 Crete, Greece
1st ICIAR, 2006 Istanbul, Turkey

Picture Gallery

8th ICIAR, 2018 (Athens, Greece)


6th ICIAR, 2016 (Madrid, Spain)