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Persons who are interested in keeping abreast of recent publications pertinent to interpersonal acceptance and rejection or want recent or older references to specific topics are encouraged to review the more than 5,000-item bibliography about acceptance and rejection posted on the Rohner Center Website: Authors are also urged to send a complete bibliographic reference to any publications of their own or others that should be posted on that website. Send references in APA format to:

Now Available

Recovery From Rejection: A Manual of Client Handouts for Clinical Practice

Dr. David G. Rising and
Dr. Ronald P. Rohner


Handouts information:
Number of Pages: 42
Publisher: Rohner Research Publications
Year: 2019, 2020, 2021
LANGUAGES:  English, German, Persian, Turkish, Urdu, Arabic and Dutch forthcoming

Topics Covered:

The client handouts in the manual focus on personality dispositions which are known to be associated worldwide with perceived rejection. The handouts are practical in nature, and are meant to integrate IPARTheory with clinical practice to better serve clients who are recovering from rejection.

New Paths for Acceptance: Opening Awareness in Interpersonal Acceptance-Rejection

Marcia Machado and Francisco Machado (Editors).


Book information:
Number of Pages:161
Publisher: Boca Raton, FL: Brown Walker
ISBN-10: 1627345566
Year: 2015
new paths
Topics Covered:
  • Childhood/Parental Alienation
  • Adolescence and Young Adults
  • Adulthood
  • Methodological Issues



Expanding Horizons: Current Research on Interpersonal Acceptance

Karen J. Ripoll-Núñez, Anna Laura Comunian, and Carrie M. Brown (Editors).


Book information:

Number of Pages: 253
Publisher: Boca Raton, FL: Brown Walker
ISBN-10: 1612335713
Year: 2010




Topics Covered:
  • Psychological Adjustment
  • School Issues and Developmental Problems
  • Methodological Issues
  • Comparative Studies on Parental Acceptance-Rejection

Interpersonal Acceptance and Rejection; Social, Emotional, and Educational Contexts 

Elias Kourkoutas and Fatoş Erkman (Editors).


Book Information:

Number of pages: 257 pgs
Publisher: Boca Raton, FL: Brown Walker
ISBN-10: 1599425696
Year: 2011





Topics covered:

  • Interpersonal Acceptance-Rejection in Family Context
  • Interpersonal Acceptance-Rejection in Special Educational & Clinical Contexts
  • Interpersonal Acceptance-Rejection and Intimate Relationships

Acceptance: The Essence of Peace

Fatoş Erkman (Editor).


Book information:
Number of pages: 274 Pages
Publisher: Incekara press, Istanbul
Year: 2008

acceptance the essence of peace
Topics covered:
  • Psychological Adjustment and Clinical Issues
  • Family Interaction and Styles of Parenting
  • Resilience and Coping with Perceived Rejection
  • Comparative Studies of Parental Acceptance-Rejection
  • Methodological Issues